Annals of Solitude

In this short film, Leonard discusses the joys (and frustrations) of disconnecting from the modern world and living the simple life. The author reflects on his year living alone in a cabin in the High Arctic.

On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice was part of an award winning series of documentaries on climate change produced by NBC and presented by Ann Curry. This documentary takes us to north-west Greenland to see how a remote Inuit group is affected by climate change.

60 Minutes (Channel 9 Australia)

A short documentary made for the 60 Minutes programme, Channel 9 (Australia) and presented by Michael Usher. The 60 Minutes team join me in north-west Greenland for a taste of life in this frozen corner of our planet.

Kap York Radio Podcast

As part of a podcast on story-telling in the Polar North, Leonard tells a short story on Kap York Radio (north-west Greenland, population 650) in the local language about his encounter with a polar bear in the settlement of Savissivik.