A statement by Dr Stephen Pax Leonard

I am aware of recent accusations made against me by student activists claiming that I hold Far-Right, anti-semitic and Islamophobic views. I wish to rebut these libellous accusations which are absurd, totally unfounded and deeply upsetting. None of these commentators have read any of my published works. Instead, they are basing their allegations on ‘replies’ to tweets taken completely out of context and manipulated to make a case against me. At least one of these has been doctored.

My latest book ‘Ideology of Failure’ makes the case for the freedom of speech and alerts people to the dangers of group-think, the political correctness orthodoxy and zero-sum identity politics. On page 2 of the book I explain clearly why I reject the alt-right identitarian movement and abhor identity politics of any kind. In this book and in my previous collection of essays, I make it very clear that I support a green conservatism à la Zac Goldsmith that repeals hate-speech legislation and preserves the freedom of speech at all costs.

There has also been some fake news circulating about this issue. I have never been ’employed’ by St Chad’s College and thus have not been ‘sacked’. I had no affiliation whatsoever with the College when they made their peculiar virtue-signalling statement.